Welcome to this FaithElement Study for Women. Traditionally, educational resources have been printed and shipped. However, today’s laptops, tablets and smartphones make it easy to access teaching materials, handouts and videos, and we get to save a few trees in the process. This website provides a wealth of materials to help you lead your group in this study, and as we update the site across time, you’ll automatically receive the updates too.

We’ve put together a brief video that shows you how to use this resource.


How can I show the videos to my group?

There are several ways to show the videos to your group. If your group is small (8 or less persons) you can use a tablet or your laptop — just play the video full-screen and turn up the sound as needed.

For larger groups, or if you simply prefer a larger screen, you also can connect your laptop or iPad to your flat-panel TV or computer projector. An adapter and connecting cable may be needed — just check to see what’s needed for your particular laptop or tablet. For iPads, click here for more info.

The videos on this website are provided in hi-def, at 1280 X 720 resolution.

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