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About Nikki

NikkiRev. Nikki Carroll Hardeman is a teacher and minister. While currently staying home with her children, she continues to pursue her vocational call to ministry through adjunct-teaching Hebrew Bible at Mercer University, teaching and writing through FaithElement, and supply preaching. Nikki strongly believes that for too long, clergy have not given their congregations enough credit when teaching them about scripture and faith. She has a deep passion for encouraging people of faith to dig deeper in their study, and to wrestle with the complexities that a life of authentic faith can present. She believes that as we do this, we grow; and as we grow as people of God, we inspire others to seek their own life of faith.

Nikki graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Mercer University in 2002 and from the McAfee School of Theology with a Master of Divinity in 2005. While at Mercer, Nikki met her husband, Daniel, and they married following graduation. After McAfee, Nikki served as the pastoral resident at the First Baptist Church in Rome, Georgia, and then as the Associate Coordinator for Congregational Life at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Georgia. Daniel and Nikki have three children: Natalie, a curious six-year-old; Aiden, who is in heaven; and Liam, a very busy two-year-old. They also have a lovable basset hound, Emma. When she has a free moment, Nikki enjoys traveling, quiet time with Daniel, watching great T.V. shows on Netflix, taking on new projects around the house, and experimenting with new dishes in her kitchen.


About Faithelement

faithelement_logo-smFaithelement is a service of Faithlab that works to provide next-generation high-quality spiritual development and Bible study resources using new media (video, audio, ebooks, web, etc.). Our new FaithElement Studies for Women are our latest attempt to bring innovation and excellence in learning to faith groups.

At FaithElement.com you will find a free lectionary-based, online Bible study/discipleship program created by FaithLab in 2008. Our goal is to offer a fresh and multi-media approach to engaging the Bible and one another. FaithElement is very simple to use. Each week, we post a fresh Bible Background Video and several approaches to leading the session. These “Session Pages” are never more than one page in length, and are super-easy to use. When your group gathers, just show the Bible Background Video and follow the steps of your chosen session page. That’s it. We offer several flavors of session pages, including mental, mystic, media, create and youth. The Media and Youth pages also point to selected web-based media (movie clips or music), and let you know when and how to use these with your group. All the links for these are included in each week’s session notes.


About Faithlab

fl_logo_huge copy 3Faithlab is a creative services and publishing firm focused on using tech, design and smarts to help congregations and religious organizations tell their stories. Communicating in today’s world means constantly learning, trying new things, and exploring new ideas. We’re interested in writing, publishing, websites, social media, retreats, spirituality, and more.

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